Our Mission Statement

We facilitate know-how transfer between European experts and African students.


B360 promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between organizations and specialists in Europe and students, teaching staff and managers from universities in Southern Africa. The objective of our programs is to contribute to the long-term development and stability in these countries and to support an increased understanding between North and South. In this way we help to improve their skills and raise their knowledge levels such that they can improve their own economic and social environment without assistance from abroad.

Our vision

Young Southern Africans are well equipped with professional expertise and valuable soft skills to find employment or start their own business, actively contributing to the economic and social progress of their home countries.


Sabina Ann Balmer


Legal Structure

B360 education partnerships is an association which is known as ‘Verein’ under Swiss law (Art. 60-79 ZGB). The association as legal structure provides B360 education partnerships the regulatory framework and at the same time allows for enough flexibility for growth. The association was founded on June 23, 2009. Since February 2011 the association has the tax exemption status for charitable, non-profit organisations in Switzerland. Currently the members of the association are the members of the board and the advisory board. The membership, however, can be extended with interested companies and donors.