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Education plays a key role in the fight against poverty and disease. With your donation you contribute to capacity building efforts in higher education in Southern Africa.

Donation Account

Name: B360 education partnerships
Bank: Credit Suisse, CH-8070 Zürich
IBAN: CH08 0483 5127 4423 3100 1
Account: 0835-1274423-31-1
Clearing-Nr.: 4835
Post account: 80-500-4


Donation Confirmation

The receipt of a donation will be confirmed in writing by B360 education partnerships. This letter can also be used as donation-confirmation letter and submitted with the Swiss tax return forms. For further question, please contact us by E-Mail or Phone +41 41 710 99 16.



As a Friend of B360 education partnerships you can substantially contribute to the success of our organization. Thanks to your annual donation we can realize expert assignments at our partner schools in Southern Africa as well as internships in companies in Switzerland.

Individuals: CHF 500
Couples and families: CHF 800

That's why becoming a Friend of B360

  • You contribute actively to capacity building in southern Africa

  • You give young people the perspective of a better future in their home country

  • You become part of the B360 network and are our guest at the annual event

It's that easy

  • Send an E-Mail stating which category (individual or couple / family) you want to join and your address with phone number.

  • Transfer the annual donation to the bank account above or via Paypal. If you would like to receive a payment slip, please request so by E-Mail.

  • As soon as we have received your application and your donation, we will send you the confirmation and list your name on our website if you wish.



Education – and especially sustainable education in developing countries – is a mission and an investment requiring several generations to yield broad effect. Our results to date are observable, encouraging and positive. Your bequest to B360 will help in promoting development in Southern Africa.

If you are interested in a legacy, contact us with confidence by E-Mail or by phone +41 41 710 99 16.