We facilitate know-how exchange between European experts and African students.


European experts teach at institutes of higher education in Africa on a volunteer basis, and African students complete internships in European corporations. The bottom line is a win-win situation.




B360 Updates

Several times a year, B360 publishes a comprehensive report from the programs "Southbound" and "Northbound".


B360 Alumni

B360 intern alumni talk about the experiences and the benefits of their internship in Switzerland.


B360 Interns

Through our program “Northbound”, we welcomed seven students from Southern Africa in February 2019.


Program Southbound

Gain insight into the experiences and impressions of our volunteer lecturers in Southern Africa.


annual report

56'980 volunteer hours since 2009.

212 assignments in Southern Africa and 67 internships in Switzerland since the foundation of B360 in 2009. These are the proud figures we are able to publish at the end of 2018. The steep learning curve of our experts and the success stories of our alumni touch and motivate us again this year.