Vitas Argimon

Head of Client Management and Business Support
International Private Clients, Western Europe and LatAm, Credit Suisse

Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting
Tertiary School in Business Administration, Cape Town

October 01 - October 06, 2018


Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Cooperation with university staff

Excellent co-operation with university staff and received nice support from Reedwaan, Pearl, Clotilde and Peter. I felt very welcome and integrated in Cape Town and university overall while meeting some really nice people.

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Vitas Argimon_How to build a balance sheet  (14).jpeg

Cooperation with students

Great interaction with the class both at workshop and postgraduate class. Students were engaged and eager to learn on the topic asking a lot of interesting questions and debating between themselves. I also did a YouTube video interview for one of the students on a project.

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Impact and win-win

I am pleased to have brought real life case studies to students (i.e. Ice Tea, mobile company for migrants) that interested them a lot and led to good discussions. Preparation was key: i.e. selecting good short videos to illustrate the theory and having good relevant and practical examples from my professional background. I enjoyed a lot the discussions and fruitful exchanges with the students.

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Vitas Argimon_How to build a balance sheet  (24).jpeg

Personal message

Overall, very positive experience and warm welcome by TSIBA and hosts. I met many interesting staff and colleagues along with students making it a great experience. The follow-up e-mails from students I received since I have been back have strengthened my belief that this was a very positive experience. I look forward to keeping in touch with some of them on their corporate projects and helping them on issues such as financing/funding or revenue/cost development. With this assignment, I rediscovered a strong interest in and passion for teaching; I would be delighted to go again on assignment with B360.

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