Urs Kohler

Founder and Managing Consultant
Urs Kohler Insight Consulting

Namibia University of Science and Technology

August 14 - August 28, 2017


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Cooperation with university staff and students

Cooperation with staff ahead of and during the assignment was excellent and I was made to feel very welcome. The students were keen to learn and several did ask for out of hours advice on the subjects they were studying and about career matters. There is generally a lack of mentoring and coaching.


Impact and win-win

The impact of the corporate performance and valuation teaching was difficult to assess given the short time frame and the fact that the material and concepts were new to the students. The feedback forms from the students were, apart from one, very positive. Hopefully they will have sufficient knowledge and interest to tackle the subjects when asked to do so when they are finally in work. The SME workshop covering the strategy and techniques for setting up or even analysing an existing business was by far the most satisfying of the events. The audience of 25 current and aspiring entrepreneurs was very responsive in the workshop discussions and seemed keen to share their experiences with each other. I saw several new business relationships starting during the breaks and over lunch.


Personal message

Namibia is a developing economy which is going through a tough phase of the economic cycle. The recession is enduring, jobs are scarce and inflation is biting into wages. This ongoing situation coupled with what appears to be a frustratingly low standard of education all the way through the system means that B360 experts should pitch their content accordingly if they are not to lose intellectual contact with students. We are only there for 2 weeks so being patient, amusing and sharing life experiences helps to relate and connect to them in a very satisfying way. Read the local papers to get an idea of towns and cities, politics and the economy covering local and regional issues. Demonstrating this knowledge in class shows interest in the country and an understanding, however basic, of the day to day struggles of the students and life of those less fortunate in the country.