Paul Monn

Opportunity Net Director
Credit Suisse Zurich

Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC)
Tertiary School in Business Administration, Cape Town

October 03 – October 07, 2016


Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Remember my motto: "the only way to change the world is education". TSiBA University asked me to come back for the course and B360 and especially my wife and children supported the request. Once more I got the chance to share my knowledge and experience and to learn a lot about the South African culture.


Upon arrival at Cape Town Airport, I received a very warm welcome by Mike, my honest host at The Oval Bed & Breakfast in Pinelands. After check in at the B&B, I was picked up by Reidwaan Jawoodeen, the program responsible and my most important contact person at TSiBA. Arrived at TSiBA campus, I realized it is an impressive place to be. Staff recognized me after one year abroad and gave me such a warm welcome that I was completely overwhelmed. I could only say: “I feel like coming home!”

After a quick installation at the campus, I went back to The Oval and met Louise, Mike’s wife and gorgeous host. Again, I felt like coming back home. The weekend passed very fast and on Monday, I welcomed my students. It was a small but very ambitious and hard working class. We had a perfect learning curve during the week and I was again impressed about the knowledge the students got within such a short time.


It was hard leaving my ‘South African Family’ but also a pleasure to go back to my family at home. I am convinced that my beloved students will know how to transfer the knowledge they picked up in the entrepreneurial finance course into their daily work with their small and mid-sized entrepreneurs.

I am very thankful to be part of the TSiBA Team. It is still an unforgettable experience and I thank God for the good relationships and especially for my friendship with Reidwaan.

I look forward to coming back as lecturer and maybe also as investor to entrepreneurs. Totsiens!