Hans-Jürg Schär

Senior Executive in the Car, Watch and Gemstone Industry (retired)
B360 Advisory Board Member

Faculty of Management Sciences
Department of Marketing and Logistics
Namibia University of Science and Technology

July 20 – August 04, 2017


Arriving at NUST Thursday early afternoon, for the 5th time, „was like having been on vacation for a year, before coming home“, this is how I greeted Nico Smit, International Relations Officer. During the next two weeks, I lectured 46 hours with marketing students, approx 40 % during the day, the rest in the evening. The 5 subjects I prepared were attended by more than 150 students.


The students completed more than 100 B360 students feedback forms, most comments are very positive. What the students like most are:

  1. The more practical approach in lecturing with national and international examples

  2. The business know-how and experience

  3. The international thinking

  4. a more relaxed atmosphere in class.


The collaboration with the NUST lecturer before and during my stay was very good and had improved substantially compared to prior assignments. This time everybody was happy and is looking forward to another assignment in the future.