Sylvester Malcolm Tsuseb

Investment Reporting
Credit Suisse Asset Management

Bachelor student in Economics
Namibia University of Science and Technology

February 01 - April 30, 2018


At work

I have started my golden opportunity under the client reporting team, under the mentorship of Mr Richard Rochat and Mr Ilja Chagalov, where I autonomously produced investment reports for investment committees, clients and asset management committees and mainly reviewed reports. Working with the client reporting team was a great experience. I worked with helpful colleagues which made my stay and working environment very friendly. As I was a junior in the team, almost everyone took time for me to explain our daily operations and investment tools. My colleagues taught me team work and professionalism. They enhanced my confidence in myself as a person. I have been exposed to different banking tools which I never saw in my life. Working at Credit Suisse sharpened my computer user skills, in particular the use of Microsoft applications. Apart from my occupation, I had an opportunity to have insight in other departments and teams as well. I got an insight from Single Security Research Equity team, Asset Management Equity team, Performance Attribution and Risk team and Performance measure team respectively.

Richard Rochat and Maclcom Tsuseb.JPG

My Swiss host family

“My home away from home” was in Wetzikon. I was taken in by Stephan and Christine at their lovely home. My host are the people that made my stay in Switzerland outside of work fun. Most of the time I was at work, but my host ensured that I got entertainment either than being at the office. They showed me a lot of places in the city and the country. I went to the mountains with them. Every nice weather was a golden ticket for us! One of the most essential parts they played was exposing me to the Swiss culture. They taught me a lot of house work and how to be responsible enough.


Highlights and challenges in Switzerland

My internship in Switzerland comes with a lot of highlights, completely different weather experience. I finally got to see, touch and hold snow. It was my first time seeing snow. I will not forget the moments I was out with my team, colleagues and host family and the time spent with them. There was always something interesting and new to see. Communication was a bit challenging but it got fun as I started to pick up German words. The internship itself did not only come as a work exposure but resulted in meeting new people and travelling further in Europe. Indeed, this internship is one of my greatest highlights of my life. All these memories will be remembered. Danke B360, NUST and Credit Suisse. Danke!


My future plans

I want to be the governor of the Bank of Namibia (BoN) or serve the monetary committee of Namibia. However, in my short run I am planning to finish my Bachelors and Masters in Economics. In addition to that I want to be a registered Charted Financial Analyst (CFA). By such attainments I will be qualifying for the Reserve bank `Big Boss’.


Personal message

You need to create opportunities for yourself as well. It is wise to work hard and maintain a good record, as you do never know what’s next. If opportunities do not knock, build a door.