Sandile Maqhoboza

Client Service & Sales support
Credit Suisse Asset Management

Bachelor student in Business Administration
Tertiary School in Business Administration, South Africa

February 01 - April 30, 2018


My work at Credit Suisse

During my first week I was very nervous as I was in the new country and with the new team. I didn't know what was expected from me. As time goes on I started to realise that everyone was willing to teach me about what they were doing and the daily work. They were patient with me and they made it easy for me to understand the terms they were using. I didn't learn only the work I was doing but I learnt the leadership style from my mentor and my line manager. I learnt on how they leader people to do what is expected and to make them to be protective all the time. In my office it was not about work only but the family bond was very strong. I will always remember the love and care they had on each other. My task at work was to prepare daily reports that should be sent each and every morning. I also helped with the preparation of newsletters, new reports, events invitations, creating marketing lists and managing client data.

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My Swiss Host Family

The Rothlins have been nothing but a blessing and a support system to me. I was worried that it would be difficult to fit in the family. But their welcome was very warm and I felt like I had been knowing them for a long time. The Rothlins encouraged me to explore Switzerland and other neighbouring countries. They took their special time and went with me to different places. Especially my host father (Walti Rothlin) was showing me many places and telling me about what is special or unique about those places. The mother at home was everything I could have asked for. She constantly checked on me if I was okay and I’m thankful to have stayed at her house. The Rothlins were very friendly to me, they were always checking on how my day and week were and sometimes we would even wrestle a little bit (that’s a guy’s game sometimes). Each and every time when I’m going to eat cheese, chocolate, raclette and fondue I will think about them because they are my favourite.

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Highlights and Challenges in Switzerland

Everything in Switzerland was eye opening and it’s difficult to choose one thing. My biggest highlight was skiing where I learnt a lot about myself, it was my first time and it gave me an opportunity to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. The other highlight was to learn more about the education system of the country and I wish it can be implemented in South Africa. The only challenge was the language, most people communicate in German and sometimes at work I was receiving emails that were written in German.


My Future Plans

My short time goal is to get a job especially under Asset Management so that I can learn more and gain experience. My long term goal is to create a society that is financial conscious and able to make proper investments.


Personal Message

The opportunity to do my internship at Credit Suisse has been an amazing experience in my life that I will never forget. I remember how nervous I was at first but now I have grown a lot and I am looking forward to using the experience I have gained. I am thankful to B360 for granting me this opportunity not only to do my internship at Credit Suisse but to come to Switzerland as well.