Lundi Bill Mkosi

Credit Suisse Product Control & Analytics

Student in Business Administration
Tertiary School in Business Administration, Cape Town

February 01 – April 30, 2017


My work at Credit Suisse

The opportunity to do my internship at one of the biggest banks across the world (Credit Suisse) in Switzerland has not only been a great experience, it has been a humbling one. B360’s attempt to spread opportunity across the Southern African countries has brought me valuable insight into the financial industry and broadened my perspective in various areas. I conclude my internship feeling empowered and seeking to continuously develop myself and my community at large.


My first few days at Credit Suisse were probably the hardest: as I reported to the office of where I would be based, (Sihlcity, Zurich) the level of nerves and anxiousness was unbearable, but this was quickly calmed down by series of introduction to my team members, facilitated by my mentor Daniel Gasser. I am fortunate to have worked with amazing highly skilled individuals who were truly friendly and essential to my learning process and ensuring I settled in properly.


As time progressed, and with constant engagements with my fellow team members, I felt welcomed, and the environment that they formed was not only conducive for learning, but they also created a platform where I could share my experiences of South Africa, which was something they were truly excited to hear about. I was introduced to a numerous number of tools which are full of acronyms and are a bit complex when you are starting to use them, but as time passes, they become very interesting tools to use. The tasks that were allocated to me highlighted the importance of taking responsibility, time management and constantly producing quality work. One my highlights with regards to the working environment was being part of a project that was required by a senior team, and this improved my confidence, as I knew I was not working in isolation, but was contributing the operations of the company at large.


My swiss host family

My host family (Digion Family) was truly amazing, they were vital to me having a great experience in Switzerland. They encouraged and supported me with all the difficulties that come up with being in a different environment. They encouraged me to explore the country, (most times with them) which enhanced my experience, and I was also fortunate to travel to a few other European countries, which showed me how Switzerland is relatively different compared to other European countries. They dazzled my taste buds with a few local cuisines which included cheese Fondue, Rösti and Raclette (which was my favorite). Under their supervision I was also able to learn a few German phrases, which have been a relatively difficult experience, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.


Personal Message

I am very much grateful for the opportunity that B360 and all the stakeholders made possible, it has been a great learning curve, and it has exposed me to some great networking opportunities and it has expanded my horizons in a way I never thought possible. I will remain forever grateful.