Laina Shivolo

Investment Accounting Index Solutions
Credit Suisse Asset Management

Bachelor student in Finance and Accounting
Namibia University of Science and Technology

February 01 - April 30, 2018

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My work at Credit Suisse

When I saw this opportunity on campus I decided to throw myself in wholeheartedly because I knew that it's the only chance I had to broaden my knowledge practically. Arriving at Credit Suisse where I was placed in the Investment Accounting Index Solution Department, I was welcomed by my mentor Melinda Wong, a wonderful woman, and the entire team who received me with lots of smiles. Team members and everyone within the organisation were very kind, helpful and approachable. At work I did daily reconciliations of cash and security (stock) positions, foreign exchange, booking of manual trades, debits and FX control reports and reconciliation of security lending and borrowing. I learnt how financial instruments are accounted using banking tools and how that effects a client`s cash and stock position. I learnt how to network with people and how to act professionally within a work environment which I will take home to apply in my future working place. My written communication improved whereby I learnt how to write proper and polite emails which I will not only need at work but also in general. I will also use and apply the business expertise such as critical thinking that I have acquired in my future business.

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My Swiss Host Family

I was hosted by the Niederhauser family where I was welcomed with open heart and arms. They made me feel at home from the very first day and it didn’t take long before I felt like I am home far from home. They loved, cared and accepted me and with a home embraced with happiness I was at peace. I also enjoyed the company of their grandchildren. We visited a couple of very beautiful places like the Rheinfall, Greifensee and the Walensee where I really enjoyed the views and the boat trips. I also remember visiting the Säntis Mountain where I went to the top with cable cars and touched snow for the first time ever, it was amazing. They made my wishes come true like horse riding, tennis, bicycle riding and taught me one of their favorite games called Uno which I also ended up loving and surely took home. I learnt many different skills from my hosts such as cooking and decoration skills. I thank the Niederhauser family for their humble spirit and loving home.


Highlights and Challenges in Switzerland

I had the support of B360, my host family and the lecturers from my school especially in organizing for my tests here in Switzerland. Exploring Switzerland and visiting amazing places like Lucerne, Bern, Lugano and many more. People were friendly and my hosts were amazing as well. My lowlights were that I had to stay home and study for tests and quizzes that demanded so much time. Another was language but I picked a lot of German words that I easily understood.


My Future Plans

My short term plan is to complete my bachelor and then further it to charted accountancy. I am looking forward to being recruited by the banks in Namibia and accounting firms such as Deloitte. My long term plan is to start my business that will rent chairs and tents locally for smaller events. I would also like to start a career in Investment banking.


Personal Message

I greatly thank B360, Credit Suisse and everyone else for making my internship possible and for planting greater seeds in me that will germinate into a brighter future.