Christian Daniel Kasoma

Credit Suisse Investment Performance Reporting

Student in Economics
Namibia University of Science and Technology

01. Februar – 30. April 2017


At work

I could not find a better adjective than ‘unique’ to describe the opportunity of doing my internship with Credit Suisse and in Switzerland. I must admit that at first I was a bit nervous because the very first day I stepped into the office, people looked extremely serious with their work yet friendly and welcoming. I would say the first days were just introduction to the job explaining things in more details to see if I could relate some of the things to what I have learnt at University.

Titelbild im Balken ohne Legende.JPG

Being part of Investment Performance Reporting department in particular GIPS team, gave me an opportunity to relate my theoretical knowledge to practical. This group or team made me realize that team work is essential to any environment, be it at work or within the community. While at Credit Suisse, I have dealt with different kinds of tools to solve or analyze different data and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Indian team via conference calls which also made me feel part of the team. The experience was great and through this internship opportunity, I learnt how to independently do some things among others update a certain data and eventually analyze it at the different way. I have also learnt that “trying is the beginning of excellency”. Having worked at Credit Suisse, I did not only learn how to work but I also learnt how to behave while in the business environment and professional skills. In these regards, I would like to give a special thanks to my team first for making it possible that I integrated easily in the team and secondly for teaching and supporting me. I really learnt a lot with every one of you. Danke sehr!


At home

I should begin by saying “home sweet home”. While at home, I had a great and remarkable experience with my host family. From the very first day to the last day, I only have great things to talk about. My host family, Philipp and Elena, made sure that I settle and integrate within the Swiss culture as soon as possible. It is with them that I learnt how to prepare or cook some kind of dishes, in these regard, they were not only host family to me but also a teachers because within the range of three months, they taught me a lot and they took me to different places which were good to see. I had the privilege to meet Philipp’s family and I should admit that they are a good family worthy to emulate. All in all, I would like to give a special thank to Philipp and Elena as well as the entire Zogg family for all the great memories.

Elena und Philipp, meine Gastfamilie.JPG
Brunch mit Hosts.JPG

Thank you so much B360 and all the stakeholders for your immense support and impeccable dedication! Mpandu! (Thank you)