Armas Hangula

Credit Suisse Investment Accounting Index Solutions

Student in Finance & Accounting
Namibia University of Sciency and Technology

February 01 – April 30, 2017

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can‘t - you are right.”

- Henry Ford

I was dubious of my potential at the start at of the internship but I kept on believing and reasoning that there is a reason why I was chosen. This belief kept me optimistic and motivated me to do my best. I am surprised how much I learned within the three months of my internship. A mere belief in oneself can make anybody successful. On the first day I received a very warm welcome and everything started off very well. Working for the investment team, I have learned a lot about security trading and investment accounting. I dealt with stock exchanges, security lending and borrowing and a variety of Credit Suisse products such as different types Funds, Equities, MACS etc. With good mentorship and support of my team, I learned how the specific instruments are accounted for in the accounting system and what respective effect they had on client’s cash positions.

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My daily tasks included monitoring futures and reconciliation of daily cash positions for a number mandates and this broadened my comprehension of financial instruments. I also dealt with a few corporate action issues. I have become more proficient in the application and use of Microsoft system tools for business purposes. All these learning outcomes were made possible by the combined support of my team and my mentors. I am very appreciative of their help. Since Credit Suisse is an equal opportunity employer, I worked for a very conducive and pleasant working environment. From a professional perspective I am more risk conscious and vigilant than before and I am also a better communicator and a greater team player. Many many thanks to my mentors Melinda Wong and Caroline Havranek for being such good teachers and such wonderful people to work with.


I was hosted by Miss Martina Gabay and her son Arik. Her hospitality was commendable right from the first time we met in in Windhoek during her holiday. I believe that a home filled with happiness results into a peaceful mind and a peaceful mind leads to a productive lifestyle. So being happy at home also played a big role in my performance at work. I learned so much from her during these three months and living with them was as good as living with my real family.

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Unlike a few other interns we lived in Zurich at a place not far from work. I was favorably thirty minutes away from work. My hosts were loving, caring and always looking out for me and I am grateful for that. They helped me navigate my way around town and wherever I went. We went on road trips almost every weekend with my host mom and I tried a new thing each and every week. For example, I really enjoyed climbing ropes at the “Seilpark” and the cable cars up to Titlis Mountain. When I went to the monastery of Einsiedeln, I saw a monk for the first time. The tales that he told about the history of the monastery were fascinating and I saw and touched snow for the first time in my life that day. As a result of having such a good time here I consider Switzerland as a future travel destination because I would surely like to come back again.

Coming to Switzerland has been an epic experience for me and is by far my greatest adventure. I had a memorable three months in Switzerland. With its beautiful alpine landscapes and architecture, I am sure that I will miss it very much.

Thank you Credit Suisse and B360 for making a difference in my life and making me realize that the sky is the limit!