Prof. Dr. Corinne Gantenbein-Demarchi

Senior Lecturer, Head of Research & Development
Deputy Head of Institute ILGI, ZHAW

Faculty of Health & Applied Sciences, Health Science Department
Food Microbiology (Course: Food and Meat Hygiene 2A)
Namibia University of Science and Technology

February 02 - February 24, 2019


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Cooperation with university staff

The cooperation with the lecturers and the staff at NUST was very successful and satisfactory. The professional exchange and the competent support contributed largely to the success of the assignment. The organisation at NUST in the planning phase was excellent and interactive, the planning phase was highly focused and efficient due to the good experiences of the previous years. 

Spatial bottlenecks (further classes in the new Nutrition course) and timetable challenges required exceptional and early planning as well as flexibility of everyone involved. Furthermore, the overall generous attitude of the local lecturers towards guest lecturers contributed to the success of the assignment, it was the basis for the good cooperation – a great thank you to the colleagues at NUST.


Cooperation with students

Experiencing food microbiology not only in theory but also in practical exercises was essential to establishing a positive and rewarding relationship with the students.

In the project “World Food Safety Day”, established by the WHO/FAO and taking place on the 7th June, the students evaluated the food safety risks of specific Namibian dishes (like mopane worms). By defining key messages and proclaiming them in a short video they not only learned about the most important rules of food safety risks but also developed a “state of the art” tool to propagate these messages to other people. “Stand for food safety – stand for life!” – this key message will certainly increase the awareness of food safety.


Impact and win-win

It is a large win-win to share with the students the experience as a lecturer and as an expert in the field of food microbiology. In return I had the chance to get an insight into their lives, not only as students but also into their private lives while visiting our former "guest students". This was most impressive and a huge privilege to me.

Personal message

Meeting young people in Namibia, who are eager to learn, and supporting them in their education is extremely motivating. I am convinced that education is the most important and for sure the best support and help we can give these young people in Namibia.

It takes a lot of motivation and effort from all people involved in b360 education partnership, but it is worth it!

Thank you!