Armin Knoblich

Global Project Manager
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Marketing and Logistics
Namibia University of Science and Technology

July 30 - August 10, 2018


Cooperation with university staff

  • Excellent. Most teachers stayed during my lectures. They gave me valuable advice how to manage the students across my cultural differences.

  • Cases studies were also a new experience for teachers.

  • A visit to a local company was planned to see real world Supply Chain Management and Logistics

  • A course about “Management in different Cultures” was a new experience for them and was well received.


Cooperation with students

  • Students were very interested. Also asked questions – personal and subject related.

  • At the beginning of each lecture some students were introducing themselves.

  • Students are used to say “yes sir we understood”. However, after me asking to summarize our lessons they started asking questions to make sure that they really understood.

  • Early and late lessons were a challenge for many students. Sometimes I had different students in two lessons. Therefore, I had to repeat quite a few lessons.


Impact and win-win

  • Working in groups was a completely new experience for the students. Time management has been a major challenge.

  • Distinguishing between simple activities and real additional value added was a new experience for most students.

  • Successfully engaging male students was a major challenge for my teaching skills.

  • Due to the introduction students were doing at the beginning of each lesson I learned a lot about them, their families and their dreams.


Personal message

  • As a young nation with only a recent chance for the people to learn and to study Namibian people deserved all the support I could give to them.

  • I have seen so many keen students for whom learning is the key to a better life. They deserve it and we should do our best to help them achieve their goals in life.