Manoria Nandjila Niingo

Haco AG

Student Environmental Health Sciences
Namibia University of Science and Technology

August 01 - October 31, 2017


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My internship

My internship at Haco AG was a very remarkable opportunity that will forever be the biggest highlight of my life. I was based in the food safety and quality assurance department where I worked in the analytic laboratory and the microbiology laboratory. In the analytic laboratory, I was introduced to various tests and analysis such as salt content, pH, density, caffeine content, moisture content, water activity etc. These were all tests necessary to assure the physical, chemical and nutritional quality of food products produced at Haco. I further went to the microbiology laboratory where I spent most of my internship. In this laboratory I conducted a routine microbial analysis for different microorganisms such as Salmonella Spp, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Enterococci etc. in finished products, raw material and water samples. My supervisor also linked me to different departments such as the sensory and hygiene department where I participated and assisted with various activities such as environmental monitoring, cleaning validation and sensory tests.

As an intern at Haco AG, I learnt how to conduct different types of laboratory analysis as well as the importance of such analysis. I also learnt the importance of transparency and accountability in the food industry which are very important qualities of an Environmental Health Practitioner. Lastly, I obtained different skills such as accuracy, precision and time management that will make me a responsible employee in future. Therefore, I am ready to face the job market with a huge experience package I obtained over the past three months at Haco AG, Gümligen. Overall, I was treated like a spoiled child who needed not to lack any knowledge available at Haco, because my colleagues showed me everything I needed to know and they also shared their work experience with me. They further invited me for social activities such as barbecue and took me to places of my interest i.e. the wastewater treatment. I would say they were a very good team and I will miss them all.


My host family

My Swiss host family was the best family I ever had. I lived with Maria and Hans-Rudolf Keller as well as their children Michelle and Nicolas. They are a loving, caring and inspiring family; with Hans-Rudolf a hard working father and Maria a motivating and understanding mother. They encouraged me to work beyond my limits as well as to cherish and explore the beautiful environment that surrounded me. They motivated me to go for new adventures such as swimming and they taught me how to be a responsible adult. Michelle Keller was the best sister and a reliable friend I could ever ask for. She taught me a lot and showed me around her home town Bern as well as neighbouring cities such as Basel, Laufen as well as Paris. I will never forget Nicolas Keller who was an ideal little brother. He shared with me his meals and taught me local sports such as Ping Pong. I would like to thank the entire Keller family for their generous, kind, loving and welcoming hearts, they will forever serve a great place in my heart.

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I never had complaints throughout my stay in Switzerland because I was surrounded by a lot of kind and caring Swiss people who did not hesitate to show me the way when I got lost, despite the fact that I could not speak Swiss German. Therefore, my overall stay in Switzerland was smooth and splendid. Biggest and important highlights I had included the visit to the chocolate factory (Cailler) and playing with snow at the Matterhorn. These were amazing and breathe taking moments I will never forget. Regarding my future plans, it is quite difficult to stipulate my professional direction with the tight job market and the current economic crisis in Namibia. However, I am very confident and determined to face the job market because I am highly equipped with all necessary experience and work competence from Haco AG and I will be delighted to grab any work opportunity that might cross my path, though I would prefer to work in the food industry.


Personal Message

On a personal note, I would like give my words of gratitude to Haco AG and all other host companies, Swiss host families, all B360 sponsors as well as B360 experts. I am very grateful for the impact that you are all making in my country through the B360 educational partnership. Your sponsorship was not in vain at all, I cherish it wholeheartedly and I will utilize it effectively and efficiently for a better Namibia. Hopefully I will be able to invite you to Namibia one day and show you the beautiful blossoms of your sponsorship. Thank you very much.