Rabecca Hatoongo

Balanced Solutions
Credit Suisse Asset Management

Master Student in Economics
University of Zambia

February 01 - April 30, 2019


At work

My experience working at Credit Suisse was nothing short of amazing. My Mentor was extremely organized and ensured that I got the best in the short time I spent at Credit Suisse. We set targets at the beginning of the programme and reviewed them weekly. He was always there to answer any questions and provide guidance when I needed it. I got to step out and challenge myself to add value to the work I was doing. The team as a whole added to this great experience. I truly felt a part of it and that I did work that mattered for Credit Suisse.

Among my tasks was doing a daily fund flow which fed into the work of the portfolio managers and I was always excited to do it. My Mentor also gave me the opportunity to sharpen my research skills by writing a paper on pension funds in Zambia based on lessons from the Swiss system. We had brainstorming sessions for the same and exchanged a lot of ideas.


My Swiss host family

Philip and Elena were the best. I enjoyed living with them and having quality conversations. I got to learn a lot and try out many dishes that I plan to prepare back home. I even learnt to bake Swiss bread Zopf without any supervision. I got to visit some places with them and they even introduced me to their family and friends. Our time at the table was filled with laughter, it was as though we had met years before.

Highlights & challenges in Switzerland

Some of my highlights were being able to travel and see new places, even more is when I took a short vacation from work and was joined by my husband in Paris towards the end of my stay.

It was challenging at first to be in a new place away from home. However, being in Switzerland was a redefining moment for me because other than work and home, I got to learn a lot more about myself and I was challenged to overcome my fears and be zealous about life and attaining great heights.


My future plans

I plan to complete my studies and get a job, preferably one that will enable me to grow along my career path and one that will enable me to apply the vast knowledge I have gained. I intend to work for a few years and return to school to pursue further studies. 

 Personal message

I would like to pass my gratitude to B360 for making this experience possible and for giving me such a unique opportunity to learn in an advanced environment. I would also like to thank Credit Suisse and my host family for the time they took to invest in me. I am definitely returning to Zambia a better version of me.