Kristof Hausiku Kauma

Credit Suisse Performance Measurement

Student in Economics
Namibia University of Science and Technology

February 01 – April 30, 2017


Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

My internship in Switzerland was a life changing opportunity for me. The first week was mostly introduction. After the B360 orientation meeting on Monday that was half a day, I met my mentor Tobias Furrer and we went for lunch. During the lunch I used the chance to ask more about the Swiss culture and the work environment. We later went to the office and he introduced me to the team I would work with, making sure I have access to all necessary folders and tools as well.


My very first goals when I came here were to improve my communication skills and to learn. After everything was ready for work, I started integrating into the daily responsibilities. I was involved in meetings, used different banking tools to prepare and analyse performance reports for the different stakeholders independently. I also learned to meet deadlines, as well as how to prepare design reports and analyses on Microsoft software such as Excel and PowerPoint. As time went on, my mentor arranged shadowing days in order for me to get exposed to other departments and have a broad understanding of the banking system. I received tasks from different colleagues and this built me professionally and assisted me to improve my communication skills. I thank my mentor and team colleagues for contributing to my professional life and making me a professional individual that I am today.


My host family was the best. They treated me the same way I was treated back home and made me feel at home. They have contributed a lot and made everything simple for me, because if one has no loving home it is not possible to perform well at work. Since the day we met at the airport, a good relationship began and they were the ones I could run to in terms of trouble. I would share my problems and issues with them and they would always give me the best advice.


They gave me the chance to live like a Swiss as they introduced me to different families, travel to places such as the Säntis, Appenzell and Bern, just to mention a few. Their sons are also fun as we would chat and this made me even more comfortable with them around, and not mind even if they spoke German, because they were so nice and friendly to me. They made sure that my stay in Switzerland was memorable and I also hope I left a mark that they can later remember and laugh at.


Finally, let me use this chance to thank B360, the Müller family, Credit Suisse and everyone that has contributed to my internship and made it a success for me!