Ndahafa Paulina Joseph

Food Science
Chocolat Frey AG, Research and Development

Bachelor student in Environmental Health Science
Namibia University of Science and Technology

August 01 - October 31, 2018


Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Working at Choco Frey

People I worked with at Chocolat Frey were fantastic, open minded, friendly and helpful. I worked in the analytic and microbiology laboratory. The analytic laboratory is more based on the water activity, senses, particle size, protein, fats, fatty free acids, lactose free analysis on chocolate. In microbiology we dealt with various microorganisms (Salmonella, Enterococci, Entrobacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, Aerobic mesophil, moulds and yeast etc). We did analysis on finished chocolates as well their ingredients, other activities included periodic hand swabbing of the employees in the factory and water analysis. My supervisor also linked me to the health and safety as well as chocolate development department. During my internship at Chocolat Frey I learned the importance of commitment, punctuality, responsibility and liability and that is what I am definitely going to realize for a lifetime. I will not forget the different laboratory analysis and their purposes. Above all, time management, focus and taking responsibility are the assets I will take home.


My Swiss host family

My host family was remarkable! They engulfed me like their very own child. I was living with the Wernli family in Buchs in the canton of Aargau, Roger and Franziska Wernli as well as their 3 kids (Morris, Lena and Marti). I will always cherish their loving kindness, jokes and laughter and their very beautiful caring hearts. They really made me feel at home here in Switzerland. What I will never forget is our adventurous trip to Saas Fee in the mountains, organized just for us (Victoria and me) to see snow. My gratitude goes out to them for inviting me to live in their house and making my stay memorable. They will forever hold a special place in my heart and the memories we shared lives forever.


Highlights and challenges in Switzerland

My highlights would be the trips to Saas Fee and Paris, but also my creative Namibia chocolate box I did at work. The challenge I experienced at first was just the communication barrier but as time went by things worked out well, looking at that I started understanding some words in Swiss German. It was amazing!


My future plans

I am looking forward to wonderful opportunities that lie ahead by the Grace God!

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Personal message

Thank you so much B360 in collaboration with NUST, Sabina Balmer and Dominique Strauch. Thank you for answering the call upon your lives, if it was not for your zeal and commitment, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.