Joseph Nanchengwa

Logistics and Assembly
Büchi Labortechnik AG, Flawil

Bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering
University of Zambia

August 01 - October 31, 2018


Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Working at Büchi Labortechnik AG - a unique opportunity

Working at a production company like Büchi in one of the most industrially developed countries in the world was an unbelievable experience. Every single day was an opportunity to learn something new. The people were very friendly and always ready to help. They were also willing to put their trust in me and let me take a leading role where possible. I got a great understanding of how the professional world works. Starting in the Logistics department and ending in Assembly, I learnt about the organisation of parts and incoming goods, keeping track of the number and location within the company system, then assembling these parts into supply-ready products, from sub-assembly to full assemblies. Büchi emphasises greatly on the quality of their products, therefore working under this mind-set has shown me what it means to be an industry professional.


My Swiss host family

The Brunners have impacted my life in so many different ways. Peter and Susanna made me very comfortable from the beginning and I could go to them for anything I needed. Their children, Marvin, Lea and Andreas, became my friends and were always enthusiastic to talk to me and ask about my country and culture. The Eschlikon community embraced me and I was able to interact with people around the neighbourhood and even train with the local football team. Some of my favourite times were at the dinner table where we talked and asked about each other’s cultures. I learned a lot from these conversations, and it also helped me to appreciate the diversity of the world in general. Living with my host family was very reminiscent of my own family in Zambia. This made me realise that core values in the household are similar in many ways despite it being the other side of the world. This, among many other things, helped me become a lot more open minded and simply helped me grow as a person.


Highlights and challenges in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very beautiful country. From the majestic building architecture to the very green, easy on the eye scenery, it was all so overwhelming. The transport system is so efficient and was always fascinating to me. Most of my highlights came from just hopping on the train on a weekend with a backpack full of sandwiches and a camera, and going places and just experiencing the countries beauty. The Abbey of St Gallen, the mountains and lakes in Interlaken, the more modernised and busy city of Zurich, to mention just a few, were very memorable experiences. Every week was a new adventure, it’s like I was living in a movie! The language barrier was a bit challenging particularly in the first few weeks, but with more time I learnt more words and the challenge lessened.


My future plans

My future plans are all based on applying everything I have learnt from this experience. I want to share the knowledge I gained with as many people as I can back home and hopefully that inspires at least one person in the way that I have been inspired. The experience has opened my eyes to the many areas that need attention in my country, from recycling to transportation to health and general wellbeing among others. I plan to research a lot more on one or more of these issues and dedicate my career to helping the country develop through them. Interacting with Swiss people and travelling their country has made me want to have more of a sense of responsibility for my own country, therefore, I plan to explore and travel my country and continent a lot more and learn more about our history.


Personal message

To B360, I encourage you to keep up the brilliant job. The potential that is instilled in any individual that goes through this programme is immense and that’s not something that can only change an individual’s life but can do so for many others once the knowledge is passed on. As African youths, this opportunity gives us hope and drive to continue to strive for the development of our nations.

To Alumni and future interns, I encourage you to interact and learn as much as you can and also share that knowledge with as many as possible. This opportunity puts us in great positions to be young vibrant leaders and we must use it to the fullest.

To Büchi Labortechnik AG, thank you for having me, I have learnt so much and I look forward to applying that knowledge back home. Please continue to open your arms and change lives.

To the Brunner family, thanks for your warm hospitality, for the many interactions and life lessons. I encourage you to continue to help create young productive leaders.